Another week! A kind of boring but real peek into our life…

Whyyy does Emilia look like she is 14?!

Oh Monday of this week we had a snow day! Well, sort of. Lots of snow.

The kids had

It wasn’t super cold, so it wasn’t terrible to be out! The rest of the week was sooooo cold.

Made my sloppy joes for dinner! One of our all-time faves. I put a version of it in the new book!

Still into our big coloring pages!

And the kids LOVE to color on my iPad. This is the procreate app. I love that Max loves color too.

Emilia is clearly into the bright ones as well!

Made my sourdough crackers this week. Eddie adores them.

Max had crazy hat day at school. This is a hat my brother made yearsssss ago and he was so excited to wear it.

The bump is definitely starting to interfere with photos!

My starter is still going strong, obviously from the crackers above. This is just after it had overflowed like crazy!

Emilia is still into collages. She has gone through all the age appropriate ones. SO we’ve moved on to this one with tiny jewels that starts ages 7 and up. Definitely takes up more time!

More pretty winter skies!

If you haven’t tried this, you must! I’ve been living for it with my grapefruit obsession. Can’t help but imagine it will be amazing with tequila too.

Love him.

Rainbow veggies.

Turned into a huge chicken stirfry.

So fun when there is snow AND sun!

Oh and I made some small batch buffalo chicken dip because it sounded so good! Now I need to find a way to repurpose the leftovers this week.