tuesday things

1. My favorite months are the ones that start on Monday! My I’ll-start-on-Monday brain just goes into overdrive and the new start feels so good.

2. This cara cara orange meringue tart is so gorgeous. I am dying to try it.

3. We got a bit of snow yesterday, but now that school can be done virtually – no snow day! I wonder if actual snow days are a thing of the past… it feels like we had tons of them when I was a kid.

4. 17 one minute habits that can change your life.

5. Emilia asked for “pancake sauce” on her french toast the other day. Yes. I will now forever call syrup “pancake sauce.”

6. TV things!! We watched Palmer this past weekend. OH! And I watched the Southern Charm reunion even though I couldn’t get into the show much this year (it seemed too out of touch with the pandemic, plus super fake, haha) and it was nuts. Like is that show even going to come back in regular times?!

7. There are two kinds of happy people. This is so interesting.

8. It’s so wild to me that I still can’t really do coffee! The above pic is decaf and I even added some whipped cream. It’s like I get through 1/5 of a coffee and just.can’t.drink.it. I’ve never had an aversion this long in pregnancy! I def miss the ritual of all, but as I mentioned in my favorites, the tea is helping.

9. Start to savor what you dread and avoid. I definitely want to try this with aspects of my life.