tuesday things

1. This galentine’s day cookie box is super cute!

2. As I mentioned before, these little micro holidays give me something to look forward to with the kids so much! So on the list for this week is baking some heart sugar cookies, maybe doing a valentine’s scavenger hunt and making heart shaped pizza! I feel like I’m five again.

3. How to celebrate every day. I love this and think it’s so important right now!

4. Are you team tuck-the-sheets in or team leave-the-sheets loose when it comes to bedtime? I firmly believe in tucking all the sheets in, at the bottom and sides of of the bed. Eddie and I have literally fought over this since we got married. It improved somewhat when we moved and got a king bed, but I swear this man rips the entire bed apart in the middle of the night!

5. The reviews of these new TJ’s products are pretty hilarious.

6. TV things!! This past week I watched Fake Famous (which was insane, especially since I started blogging before FB fan pages, IG and pinterest existed!) and also Framing Britney. Have you watched the Britney doc yet? It’s fairly short but just unbelievable. It’s hard to comprehend how she was treated just a mere 10-11 years ago. A lot of it would never fly today.

7. Any superbowl commercial favorites? I liked the door dash one with Daveed Diggs (adore him) and the toyota one with Jessica Long, the Paralympic swimmer pretty much had me in tears.

8. Late Saturday night I found myself in an IG vortex of gucci westman, watching her do her makeup for hours. I haven’t been that inspired by makeup in, like, ten years! Made me want to order every single one of her products.

9. Shortcuts to make house cleaning easier. Um can we just all have a live-in housekeeper until the end of time? Pleeeease?