tuesday things

1. The meme “how does March start next week when March was just last week…” could not be more true right now. How is it almost March, again?! Almost feels like we should run and hide.

2. Oh my GOSH. These stuffed cosmic brownie cookies look incredible!

3. Do we think the whole last year of 2020 has turned extroverts into introverts?! As a life long extrovert, I’m seriously wondering!

4. I love Anne Lamott (Bird by Bird is my favorite nonfiction book of all time) and this podcast on How to be More Hopeful is so good.

5. This theory of positive feedback loops is so interesting – and how better we can stick with tasks and be more disciplined.

6. TV things! Who else is watching This Is Us? While the last few years have been so sad/weepy/depressing for me, I really enjoyed the last episode. Maybe that’s because there isn’t much else on? And oh my gosh – did anyone else watch Stanley Tucci’s Searching For Italy?!

7. I love last week’s BOP podcast episode of how to read a lot! Could not agree more with all of it. Also so many good hidden gem books in there.

8. Are you on Clubhouse? Not sure if I can get into another social media platform. Tell me something good about it! I can’t imagine using it while I’m doing busy work because that’s when I either listen to a book, podcast or watch a show!

9. Sourdough toast + hummus + hard boiled egg is the best snack of life. For now.