Another week down!

It was a good old regular week. Nothing too exciting.

Oh but this was how the week started out! Thankfully it got better.

Can’t handle Emilia in her tumbling class.

The kids also are doing swim lessons and they got swim caps! Too cute.

This was a week of recipe fails. Clearly.

Attempted to make air fryer chips and they were garbage.

Had to do my glucose test and can’t believe we’re this far along in the pregnancy already! HOW?!

We had beautiful days outside.

And tried the fish and fries from coop de ville.

What do we think that giant nest is up there?!

Manicure day! In Christmas PJs.

Saturday night we made crispy chicken salads with the red bag chicken from ALDI. If you haven’t tried it, you must! It’s like chick fil a copycat.

Max in goal!

Annnd another end to the weekend. Obsessed with them!