tuesday things

1. Having a blog for so long is such a weird thing because I can look at one photo and I’m instantly transported back to what was happening at the time I took it. So right now, looking at my photos from this time last year? Oh my gosh. Not-so-great feelings. Let’s just say that.

2. Oh these cookies and cream meringues are calling my name! And raspberry whipped cream?

3. I’ve had a major craving for a massive cheeseboard. You know, just a hugely obnoxious one that you could make and share before March 2020? It’s been so long since I made a huge one and boy am I craving all the things on it.

4. Can you imagine adding this to your salad dressing?! I’m doing it.

5. TV things!! Really all I’ve watched in the last week was the Harry and Meghan special. My mom always loved Diana when I was growing up so I feel like it’s always been a topic of discussion. I found it so eerie to watch Harry sit there, at the same age his mother died, and talk about such similar things. I adore Oprah and loved the interview and wish we could all get an inside look. I hate that we will never know the full story! Also sort of want to read Finding Freedom now.

6. Here’s a great review on the always pan! I have some of these and while they are fine, I can’t handle a pan that can’t go in the oven. Ha! I finish a lot of my food in the oven and it’s a go-to secret for me when it comes to cooking meat perfectly.

7. One thing that I hope sticks around from 2020: all the curbside pickup options. It’s basically a mom-of-little-kids’ dream. One thing I hope doesn’t stick: tiktok. Ha! Wishful thinking. What is one think you hope sticks and one you don’t?

8. Loved Julia’s article on diet culture. It’s such a good one.