tuesday things

1. Dying over these lemon chocolate ganache bars! Match made in heaven.

2. Pretty sure I got this suggestion from the TIBAL instagram, but I’ve been listening to a quick meditation in the car pool pickup line and it’s one of the best things ever. I often read in the line too, but even just a quick 3 to 5 minute calm or headspace meditation is amazing.

3. So many of you always ask me about reading more! So, how to get motivated to read.

4. The kids have a Hatch light/sound machine and now I’m convinced that I need the adult version because the mood lighting is so amazing. Probably would just keep it on rainbow mode in our room all the time. Ha.

5. TV things!! Ummm, Grey’s and a Million Little Things were still no better this week! I cannot! I did start watching Ginny and Georgia and love it! It’s so good.

6. The exact kind of rest you need to truly relax after work. Um I’d like to add the must-scroll-the-phone-mindlessly-for-20-mins type of rest. It’s a thing!

7. Emilia is SO in love with the Taylor Swift albums 1989 and Lover. I think I mentioned this a year ago but she loves to sing so much, and now she will listen through them and just belt out all the lyrics. It is a dream to watch.

8. The fear of putting your work out there. I so get this!

9. Peanut butter m&m eggs are superior to all other peanut butter m&ms (even though peanut butter is only the flavor ever worth eating) because of the shape. And the color! Prettiest, right?