tuesday things

1. I keep writing 2020 as the date on things (like a check, etc) but not because I’m not used to writing 2021. It’s because I feel like last year was still 2019 and we just lost an entire one in between.

2. Desperately need these coconut macaroon brownies.

3. I tried this onion cutting hack: place a wet paper towel right by the onion as you slice, and apparently it won’t make you cry? Total fail for me. I even moved the damp paper towel around, higher up, right on the counter next to the onion – nope!

4. Best tips for kids in the kitchen.

5. TV things!! I did like a Million Little Things just a bit better last week! Also thinking about starting The One on netflix.

6. Last week I bought an electronic fabric shaver to remove pilling from our couch and chair, and it’s basically been the highlight of my life. This definitely has to be the definition of getting old.

7. Are you planning any summer trips/road trips? We still have our annual michigan vacation planned but nothing else because of the baby timing. There are just so many places I am dying to go!

8. The most anticipated spring books! Ahhh I can’t wait for my summer reading list to come out next month. So many good ones!