what i read in march 2021


March was a surprisingly good reading month!! Even though I didn’t feel like I had much time to read, I ended up reading quite a bit. Like last month, I went through two of my book of the month books which was so nice! I love doing that so I can give them to friends or fam. I also finally finished A Promised Land and listened to another audio book, mostly while I did a ton of spring cleaning.

While I’m keeping my reviews here on the blog, remember that you can follow the goodreads account with what I’m reading, so you can see what I read in real time. I slacked on updating it a bit last month, but my books are finally caught up.

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You can find my reading lists here and previous What I Read posts here. I’d love to hear below what you read this month!


Love At First – 4 Stars

This was our March book club pick and I liked it so much! The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because I loved the first book, Love Lettering SO MUCH that I had really high standards. The story follows two people who reconnect after meeting as teenagers and end up facing a few challenges. The story is really cute and while I didn’t find the characters quite as like-able as the ones in Love Lettering, I still liked them. This is a great light read if you’re looking for something this weekend!

Small Admissions – 4.5 Stars

I couldn’t wait to read this one after reading Musical Chairs a few months ago! The story follows Kate who is fresh from a breakup and lands a new job at a fancy high end school in admissions. I loved this book so much because I feel like it was a little expose on some of those scenarios you hear about in schools in NYC, etc. Like the schools that you interview for when you’re pregnant, before the baby even comes! I absolutely love this author’s writing and now am adding her book Limelight to my list.

What’s Mine and What’s Yours – 3.5 Stars

I loved the characters in this book and really enjoy any book that follows families through a long time span (think Mrs Everything, The Vanishing Half, etc). I got hooked on the story pretty quickly but then it felt like it was taking forever to go on. The story follows two different families in the 90s and we see how racial tensions and society in the 90s and on shapes their lives. Sometimes it seemed like the story was all over the place and I had a hard time following it. Still a good read and I did like seeing what happened at the end!

The Final Revival of Opal and Nev – 5 Stars

OMG, I ended up LOVING this book. Now, this may sound weird, but had I not read Daisy Jones and The Six, I don’t know if I would have loved it quite as much! If you’ve read Daisy Jones and know that style, you might understand what I mean. Daisy Jones is a book I liked but didn’t love when reading (my hopes were too high a year after reading my favorite book of all time, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo), but it’s a book I’ve come to adore as time has gone on. This book has major Daisy Jones vibes but is possibly BETTER!! The story follows a famous 70s musician Opal and is written in interviews. I can’t even handle how much I loved this – I felt like the characters were 100% real. It is so, so good.

The Lost Apothecary – 3.5 Stars

This was another book of the month pick and oh man, I almost didn’t make it through. The late middle to end redeemed the story, but the beginning was just.so.slow. for me. It actually took me over a week to get through the first half. I think based on the title and description I was hoping this would be like The Scent Keeper that I read last year, but it wasn’t nearly as interesting to me. However, it does get better! The story follows an apothecary shop from the 1700s and a present day story, along with some suspense of the murders that happened relating to the apothecary. The book goes back and forth but it does work here and I loved the ending!

One Day You’ll Thank Me – 3 Stars

I love Cameron Eubanks from Southern Charm and the Real World. She often tells it like it is and is unapologetically herself. While I don’t relate to all of her feelings on motherhood, some of them did hit home. And I did like hearing about her expeience. There wasn’t really anything new here though – a lot of it she has talked about on Instagram, in the show and even on other podcasts or interviews. I guess I was hoping this would be more juicy, or talk more about Southern Charm and those experiences!

A Promised Land – 5 Stars

It took my forever to get through this because it was so long and I was insistent on listening to it on audible! I love reading all former presidents’ books (I initially majored in history in college – wild, right?!) and this was no different. I think it was even more interesting than ones I’ve read in the past because the timing is still so recent, and I was old enough at the time to remember things. Unlike other books I’ve read by former presidents who were either in office before I was alive or when I was super young. If you love presidential history, I cannot recommend it enough! And highly highly suggest listening to it. Even though it’s 30 hours long.

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