What a lovely week!

It actually poured here all week and was semi-freezing most of the weekend, but perked up today! Here’s what we did.

Max wanted to do his “serious” pose for the (sad) pens playoff game. Made his sister dress up too! Also, please note our christmas pictures still hung up in the background. Max colors pages of things or draws stuff himself, gets tape and hangs the stuff ALL OVER THE HOUSE. I leave them. They’re everywhere.

Pretty sure she really is counting down the days until Max is done with school. She needs her playmate!

I wish I felt this way about going to the dentist.

Or this way.

Or this way!

Playground tour before the storm. What is this amazing pose?

Plus a scavenger hunt.

Made my grilled veg orzo!

It’s seriously one of our favorite dishes ever. I could make it every week.

We had a cousin filled weekend! Lots of dress up. Also why does Max look like he’s 12?

I tried the coconut nespresso! It’s really good.

The most amazing watermelon. Tasted like heaven.

I made a berry trifle!

Eddie did Emilia’s nails.

And we got to go to our memorial day parade… we were so excited it was back!

Cousin BFFs.

Emilia was very into pushing baby cooper in the swing!

I’d say we’re all ready for summer.