Here it is! The best cheese board cheese varieties – my all-time favorite cheeses to plate on a cheese plate! The exact kinds of cheese I use and love – ones that are hits every single time. 

It’s summer cheese board season! Oh yes it is.

the exact cheese to buy for cheese boards

I’ve shared a ridiculous amount of cheese board blog posts, methods and favorites over the last decade. But I’ve found that my favorite cheeses change depending on what’s available, the season and what people around me love. You guys are always asking me in comments and DMs exactly what cheeses to buy, so I wanted to put it here in one space! 

These below cheeses are ALWAYS my go-to choice. Of course, I don’t always need ALL of these cheeses on a cheese board, so I may grab one or two of these, or mix and match, etc. Some are very specific, some can be found throughout a few different brands. I know that way back when – when I would search for the exact kind of cheese I should buy for a cheese plate, I wanted clear instructions too! Like, tell me EXACTLY what cheese to buy to build a good cheese plate. And some of my favorite places (like ALDI) also have amazing limited edition cheeses (like I just bought a strawberry champagne one) that I will throw on depending on the season.

These below though? They are my classics, my ALWAYS go-tos. Never fails. The ones I crave! Okay I think you get it.

So here we are.

the exact cheese to buy for cheese boards

My Favorite Cheeses to Use on a Cheeseboard

Sartori Merlot BellaVitano 

This is always one of the quickest cheeses to go on any plate I make. The rind is soaked in merlot but you don’t need to love red wine in order to enjoy this. It’s just SO good. We’ve bought it for years and years and it’s absolutely delicious.

Bonus – this is actually sold at costco now too, in a huge chunk. And the Syrah Soaked Toscano cheese from Trader Joe’s is very similar. 

Sartori Montemore Cheddar 

Next up, this may be my favorite on the list. I find it to be so versatile. It’s a hard cheese; a delicious combo of cheddar and parm. It’s probably the next most popular to go on a cheese plate and you can’t beat it. The Trader Joe’s Unexpected Cheddar is basically the same thing, so that’s a great swap. 

Sartori Gold BellaVitano 

Can you tell I’m a huge fan of sartori, haha?! The gold version here is super nutty and buttery – it’s almost like there are these delicious flavor crystals inside the cheese. We love this one and if you have someone who refuses to eat the merlot-soaked version, this is a great option. 

As a side note, I also ADORE Sartori Rum Runner BellaVitano. It’s very similar to gold, but the rind is soaked in rum and has those flavor crystals. I’m pretty sure it’s only sold at Whole Foods exclusively though. 

Double Gloucester with Chives

Easily one of my top favorite cheeses, the double gloucester doesn’t look like anything special but it tastes like HEAVEN. Double gloucester is so creamy and does taste like a cheddar – it’s not as hard as the sartori cheeses above. And the chives add SO much. Seriously, it doesn’t seem like it, but anytime I’ve taken this cheese somewhere, people can’t get over it. Absolutely delicious! You can find this at most cheese counters, but Trader Joe’s carries it too – same name. 

Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog

This is nothing new here as I’ve been swearing it’s my favorite cheese since at least 2013. I couldn’t leave it off the list. If I making a very small cheese plate, or making an indulgent snack for Eddie and I, I’m buying a chunk of Humboldt Fog, a baguette, some honey and marcona almonds. DEAD. It is so fabulous. This is a goat milk cheese which is mold ripened, but it’s not as “severe” as blue cheese, if that makes sense. Many people in my life who won’t eat blue cheese love Humboldt Fog. This is probably the priciest cheese on the list, so I rarely put it on a big board because I don’t want to go to waste. Most “nicer” cheese counters will have this, Whole Foods does too. 

Saint André Triple Creme

I love Saint André so much and it tends to be my choice over a brie or camembert. It is so creamy and spreadable. It’s super rich and decadent. I find that it’s much more “spreadable” at room temperature than brie is. I prefer to bake brie or warm it so it’s melty, you know? The Saint André is so soft and spreadable without having to do that. It’s incredible slathered on a baguette. 

Hard Aged Gouda 

This is where I don’t get too specific on brands. There are many aged goudas that I love (Trader Joe’s, ALDI, Beemster, Old Amsterdam are all delicious) – they are so sharp and pair well with fruit or veggies or even honey on a cheese board. I usually include one because it’s always a hit!

the exact cheese to buy for cheese boards

A few other cheese board loves right now:

These disposable bamboo cheese plates. Amazing! Perfect for transporting cheese plates, picnics, wineries, delivering a cheese plate to a friend, etc. They are perfect.

Mini honey jars. I always always always include honey (and often honeycomb) on my cheese boards, and these mini ones are perfect. You end up with much less waste and they are great for mini/single cheese plates, or delivering ones to friends.

Garlic confit. I’m obsessed with my garlic confit recipe and love setting it out on a cheeseboard. It’s like caramel garlic cloves that you can pile on a cracker and cheese. The recipe is in my new book Everyday Dinners.

Current favorite cracker loves: the pita crackers that you can find at ALDI, Trader Joe’s or Target and the mini everything bagel chips from Costco. They are both divine.

the exact cheese to buy for cheese boards

Would love to hear – what cheese is always on your list?!