tuesday things

1. Whaaaat! Toast and jam ice cream. Oh my gosh.

2. I found a coffee I can stomach right now, and it’s the salted caramel cream cold brew (so yes, basically dessert). I mean how weird would they think I am if I asked for half cold brew, half foam? Not really joking. So in other words, I found a cup of foam I like.

3. Why people hate white condiments. It’s actually a thing!

4. Last week I dropped my phone face-down in a cake, covering the front in frosting. Didn’t think it was an issue until I realized I can’t hear anyone talk when they call me. So the inside of my phone is apparently filled with dried frosting now.

5. TV things!! Um, I CANNOT EVEN HANDLE what happened on Grey’s last week. I did not see the exit coming based on previews, which may have been dumb on my part. I mean… NOOOOO.  Gosh I love to hate it.

6. The baby continuously kicks (punches?) my ribs to the point where I almost expect to see bruises on my stomach! Ha. I’ve never had this before with either pregnancy and it’s crazy.

7. Basically never been so excited in my life for strawberry season. And strawberry picking.

8. How to be relaxed in stressful situations. I mean… this is amazing but can I do it?

9. Max filled out one of those cute mother’s day surveys as school and the final question was “your mom looks prettiest when…” and his answer was “when she goes out to dinner.” Hmmmf. Well. It’s been about a year and a half for that sooo… what’s this say. Ha.