tuesday things

1. Last week I wondered if I will ever want to wear clothing with a zipper again. I mean, yes, I’m sure being nearly nine months pregnant plays into this but after a year of wearing nothing structured, I can’t imagine! Not saying I don’t want to dress up – I do and I will. But things with zippers and no give? Hmmmm. It’s a different world!

2. Dying for these cheesy potatoes with bacon and chives! Oh yum.

3. Super excited that it’s planting season, but can I tell you how I have an irrational fear of watering cans? It’s not the actual can, I’m just SO convinced that any time I grab it out of my garage, it will have a very large tarantula or something hiding inside. I have a whole routine I do to make sure there is no giant killer bug hiding out.

4. How to save space in the fridge and freezer. I need this.

5. TV things!! Haven’t really watched anything this past week, but I’m very tempted to start The Woman in the Window! Did you watch it?

6. A once in a lifetime chance to start over. Wow!!

7. On the busy days we have now all I can think to myself is how much I wished we could have a busy day last year at this time. Are you doing the same? It totally changes my mindset!

8. Um I might be the most excited person on earth because my summer reading list comes out next week! It’s like christmas morning for me, but for books. I love making it and selfishly use it the whole rest of the year.