tuesday things

1. I’m such a weird mix of emotions since the baby is almost here! I’m excited for summer with the kids but also have no idea what summer will look like. It’s crazy that this baby is almost an exact six month difference from the time of year I had the other two. Let’s just say I’m very glad I will be able to take walks since it won’t be December!

2. I’d say we’ve officially hit the ice-cream-is-an-acceptable-dinner season.

3. Today kicks off a new month of challenges for our everyday dinners cookbook club. Join now if you have a book!

4. Ummm these peanut butter cup stuffed cookies look insane!

5. TV things!! Ohhhh my gosh the Mare of Easttown finale. I knew something had to happen halfway through when it already seemed “over.” The ending just killed me. I couldn’t handle it! I still haven’t watched the Friends reunion yet.

6. 50 positive affirmations to tell yourself. I love this!

7. Nespresso has coconut coffee (to make over ice!) and it’s pretty much my new favorite thing. Super good and you know the issues I’ve been having with liking coffee right now.

8. I love this. You can never escape yourself. So be someone you’re happy with!

9. Pretty sure the most adult thing ever is when I pack up a “car essentials” basket for the back of the my car in the summer and get excited about it.

10. My favorite ever visor is this one and it always sells out in the summer. I LIVE IN THIS THING. I mean it’s amazing for pool/beach, but also just great for being outside in general if you like to keep the sun off your face.