tuesday things

1. How fun is this strawberry funfetti ice cream cake?!

2. There’s something about us having a new baby and the AC breaking at the same time. It broke when Emilia was a few months old, and it’s broken again now. It’s SUPER FUN let me tell you.

3. 10 things you won’t regret spending money on. I love this.

4. June means the return of our giant fruit platters for the summer! I love making these for after dinner or on the weekends to snack on all day. Everyone loves them too.

5. TV things! I tried to get into Cruel Summer and just… couldn’t do it. I had a hard time following it at first and it just didn’t pull me in. I did finish Hacks which was so, SO good. We are DYING for Yellowstone to come back. It’s always been our summer show and we’ve watched it since the first episode released. So bummed it doesn’t appear to be coming back until later!

6. Have you found any amazing prime day deals? All I want is the pebble ice maker but I have no where to put it right now.

7. See also: I need absolutely nothing!

8. Sunday rituals to set you up for an amazing week. Bye bye Sunday scaries.

9. This is now the first time in 7+ years I haven’t been pregnant/trying to get pregnant and I am tempted to get rid of nearly everything in my closet! It’s a bit soon but I still feel the urge to throw everything in a huge bag and donate. I may do the trick where you pack it all up then set it aside for 3 months and if you haven’t thought about it, give it away.