tuesday things

1. These chocolate caramel peanut brownies look insane.

2. Max and I watched the gymnastics olympic trials this weekend and oooooh my gosh, I was such an emotional basketcase at the end! I wish everyone could make it. Those girls are so incredible.

3. I love the idea of coming home dinners. What is yours?

4. Today was my official due date and it’s crazy to think Jordan has been here for almost three weeks now! I’ve never been so happy to have someone here so early and at the same time can’t even imagine if I was still pregnant – feels like a lifetime ago.

5. Oh and P.S. there are some moments where I’m surviving on peanut butter filled pretzels so there’s that.

6. On the magnificence of Meryl Streep. YES.

7. TV things!! Oh a whim I decided to rewatch Sons of Anarchy, I have no idea why. Not like I need something so ridiculously dark right now! I do plan on binging Younger too!

8. How to deal with feeling burnt out. Summer is the perfect time to take a mini break.

9. Current favorite podcast? I need some new ones to add to my list.