summer fridays

Best day of the week! Here’s what the weekend looks like.


My simple summer chickpea salad. This is such a huge hit – I’m making a batch this weekend for next week! And I’m also very into my tomato picnic toast. Gosh I love that stuff.


The margarita floats I shared yesterday! OH MY GOSH they are unreal. I love them so much.


My pulled pork with pickled peaches. This is the best weekend meal!


My vanilla stone fruit tart. Or this ginger peach galette. Can you tell I’m very into peaches right now?


To continue that trend, these grilled peaches with lavender honey and ricotta! For a savory bite, making my grilled smoke shack cheeseburger pizza. This is so delicious.


All things tomatoes, especially my bloody mary tomato salad with cheddar crisps.


I had a reading lull for most of this week so I’m still finishing up One Last Stop. Next I want to start Seven Days In June!


To my EVERYDAY DINNERS playlist! If you didn’t get the link to this when the book launched, here it is. It’s a great summer dinner/kitchen playlist.


Virgin River!! OMG, so excited it’s back.


I really turned a corner with postpartum recovery at the 2.5 week mark and felt like I could finally take a leisurely walk! Haha. I’ve mentioned my On Cloud sneakers a bunch before, but they are such great walking/cross training shoes. They have SO much support. I also sort of want to try the Hoka ones even though they aren’t… the cutest. Ha. Am I just old with my orthopedic-ish sneakers now?! Aside from shoes, all I’ve been living in is dresses! Everyday I wear either a nap dress or my presidio dress from athleta last year. Pretty sure I talked about that one every week.


The organized money youtube channel. If you are a dedicated planner user (and love to write things down/journal/make to-do lists) you will LOVE some of these videos. I love how practical her tips are and that the info she gives is super useful. I also love that she uses her planner like I do (not covering it in stickers, etc) and is super efficient. Oh and she also does financial management videos but I haven’t watched too many of those yet.


The Westman Atelier summer skin master class video. I love watching these and anything Gucci Westman puts on her instagram too. It’s soothing to watch, inspirational and I get sucked into a vortex of the videos.


Not that I need one more pair of Tory Burch sandals but I’m obsessed with these ones. HELP ME.

summer fridays