tuesday things

1. My brain is super fun because it’s like OMG it’s July! which is almost August! which is almost the summer being over! It’s the worst. Whyyy am I like this.

2. How delish do these strawberries and cream popsicles look?!

3. I saw a meme over the weekend that said there should be book fairs for adults. Um, I agree. Hello! We need that.

4. Very much here for the j lo/ben/bennifer reunion but do we think it’s a PR stunt or real love? Need to know here, invested.

5. I love this approach to keeping “only the best!

6. TV things! Watched Virgin River and UGH I just love it so, so much. It was such a treat to only have to wait six months for this season! Did you watch?

7. Finding delight when you’re overwhelmed with tasks. I need to read this every minute of every day.

8. Still finding delight in school supplies like a ten year old.

9. Mourning the loss of your old phone number! I felt this way with both of my grandma’s phone numbers – still have them in my phone.