tuesday things

1. My goal in life is to have nantucket-level hydrangeas all around our house and have them bloom successfully every year. Perhaps I need to move to the ocean.

2. This thai red curry looks absolutely amazing.

3. Eddie and I fight over the AC constantly. I want it below 70, he likes to be sweltering. Where do you stand?

4. I love this: common life assumptions that you don’t agree with.

5. TV Things!! Okay two things on my list: White Lotus on HBO and the movie Promising Young Woman. Have you watched either?!

6. I want to love packing cubes but I just don’t Maybe I’m using them wrong. I’ve tried for years and I find that I can successfully pack MORE in fewer bags without the cubes.

7. 17 habits that will change your life.

8. Pumpkin flavored things in the grocery store right now make my head explode.

9. How to have a great summer if you hate summer.