I can’t believe this little babe is two months old!

I mean… HOW?! Seriously. Where the heck is the time going. THIS IS CRAZY!

Anyway, this week. Here’s what we did!

Playground and splash pad fun.

Baby dino.

We had a s’mores campout. This s’mores set is one of our favorite toys.

Max and I shopped for his school supplies! It was SO fun!

Someone’s getting CHEEKS.

We went to the history museum!

I surprised the kids the morning of. They are SO into dinosaurs right now – mostly Emilia – but her interest has reignited Max’s love for them too. The last time we had been there, he was three and she was only four months or so!

Max wanted to show Jordan everything.

They had so much fun.

Baby Cooper came with us too!

Emilia got these dino puppets and she seriously has not put them down. I mean, she is sleeping with them right this minute. It’s hilarious.

Smiley boy!

The boys.

Max and Eddie went to the U.S Amateur.

His morning wake ups are my favorite! It’s like unwrapping a present every single morning.

I feel so lucky. Jordan looks so terrified. Ha.

I made the best Sunday dinner of the entire summer.

Peach cobbler to finish things off!

Ahhhh and ready for monday.