tuesday things

1. Mom brain is in full effect these days. Last night I was walking with Jordan and Emilia at 5:30 PM and said “good morning!” to a couple who walked by us. Ummmm.

2. I need this bakery style chocolate bread. How wonderful.

3. When it comes to s’mores, are you a slow-toasted marshmallow person or an on-fire marshmallow person? Despite the photo above, I’m an on-fire, charred-as-can-be marshmallow person.

4. How to find your passion as an adult. Love this.

5. We got Max into playing cards on this vacation and it is SO fun. He absolutely loves playing cards every night and it reminds me of being a kid on vacation – we’d play sometimes until 2am!

6. TV things! We are still LOVING the olympics – even on vacation we’re watching every night! And many times in the middle of the night while feeding Jordan I watch them live. It’s awesome.

7. Not ready for summer to end at ALL but I already have so many recipes planned for fall! What kind of dishes are you looking for?

8. I love this and struggle with it so much: thinking mode versus doing mode.