tuesday things

1. Give me all the peanut butter & jelly milkshakes!

2. Did you know you can get levain bakery cookies in the freezer section? Um, we’ve tried them and they are pretty incredible. Also dangerous. They take seven minutes to warm up and that’s IT.

3. Absolutely love these journaling prompts.

4. I know I rave about how much I love my passion planner, but I just discovered the full focus planner. Think I need to try it!

5. TV things!! Who has watched Coda?

6. How to make a menu that accommodates everyone. This is great.

7. Might have snagged some of the best school supplies for myself too. The 1.0mm sharpie pens? I die.

8. Oh I love this: how to deal with things ever changing. Being resilient and having structure but not too much.

9. We are literally eating our weight in corn and tomatoes right now! Send help.

10. On that same note, probably going to get a pumpkin cream cold brew today…