tuesday things

1. Desperately need some caramelized white chocolate ice cream.

2. I’m the worst about “saving” things – like saving the outfit to wear, saving good crackers for a special occasion, saving things I deem special for special occasions. I’ve been better about it the last year, but now I’m on a mission to make sure I use my “best” things!

3. How to cook for your family in spite of your children. This is a good read!

4. I usually decorate for fall like a crazy person on Sept 1. I still haven’t and Max asks if we can decorate every single day, which makes me so happy that he loves the decorations. Ha! I still remember the fun little holiday things my mom would put out every year too.

5. TV things!! OMG, we watched Lularich and I can’t even handle it. The documentary was wild. At one point my entire FB feed was filled with lularoe so it was super interesting. Also! I can’t believe Billions is back and I didn’t even realize!

6. I’m actually very flipped out at how fast this year has gone (and is going) but at the same time feel like the whole last year was lost. Anyone else?!

7. Absolutely dying over JLo at the Met Gala. And Amanda Gorman too, my absolute favorite color of blue!

8. So good: the world belongs to those who hustle.