what i read in august

Better late than never – again! AH!

It was a great reading month with four books I REALLY enjoyed so much. I wanted to get through some of my book of the month books – but it’s so tricky because most of my reading right now happens on my kindle app while I’m nursing Jordan. It’s so hard to hold an actual book while doing that, so e-reader it is! Often I’ll nurse him in the middle of the night and then STAY UP reading because I get so sucked into my books.

Also, I brought back ratings for the books after you guys asked! I think I’ll keep my ratings to fiction only – but I won’t be rating nonfiction or memoirs for the time being.

While I’m keeping my reviews here on the blog, remember that you can follow the goodreads account with what I’m reading, so you can see what I read in real time.

You can also join the book club! We have the instagram and secret facebook group here. All of the book club interactions have really been taking place in the FB group!

You can find my reading lists here and previous What I Read posts here. I’d love to hear below what you read this month!


The Newcomer – 4.5 stars

I love love love Mary Kay Andrews books! The story follows Letty who goes on the run with her young niece after her sister is murdered. This sounds weird but it’s not as dark as it seems, because it’s Mary Kay Andrews, if that makes sense! I feel like you need to read her books to fully get it. It’s a great story but still light and enjoyable and a fast read too.

The One You’re With – 5 stars

This was our August book club pick! It was a good one. Okay also loved loved loved this one. The story follows a married couple (high school sweethearts!) who spent one summer apart before getting married – and the twists and turns that come out of it and threaten the relationship. I could not put this down! I don’t always love a story that bounces back and forth, but I loved this one. It goes from the summer of 2000 to present day. I really loved the ending too!

The Heart Principle – 4.5 stars

I was so excited to get this one early through book of the month. I love Helen Hoang’s books. The story follows a musician (with some youtube success, haha!) who goes through a breakup and intends on having as many one night stands as she can. Yes, HH’s books are steamy but it’s not quite as trashy as it sounds, I promise. Steamy, yes. I absolutely LOVED Quan. Anna too – she has a later life autism diagnosis. It’s such a good book – another light read but also I found myself so emotional reading it!

We Are The Brennans – 4 stars

GAH, another good one! It was a really good reading month, I told you. This story follows a girl who returns to her estranged family after a pretty terrible incident. I love a good family drama (I always think of Mrs Everything or The Most Fun We Ever Had) and this was no exception. It did drag a bit for me in some parts and the big twist wasn’t as crazy as I imagined, but I did really like it! I can totally see this becoming a movie.

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