Another week down!!

I barely took any pics this week! I didn’t even realize it until TODAY.

And we have the craziest, busiest next ten days coming up. Work stuff, school stuff, a wedding and fun family stuff! Not complaining because it’s basically all I wanted the last 1.5 years. Definitely an adjustment though.

This is my favorite tree I see daily on our drive to school. FALL!

Max loves giving Jordan his hats.

His favorite place to be! Mine too.

Um is this heaven?

Stroll with my little bubs.

Oh we did have eggs for dinner one night.

Also threw together a quick vegetable pasta with pesto one night – all used from my meal prep stuff.

I mean pumpkins like this didn’t exist in the 90s right? I’m not complaining. I don’t really care for bright orange anyway!

I would like him permanently attached to me forever, thank you!

Max told me they were going to play basketball while I was feeding Jordan. I looked outside and saw this instead. Not safe but kind of wild. Trying to teach her to play with his real ball and bat. So glad I got out there in time. Ha!

Set up a halloween coloring post for the weekend!

She loved it. These are from cherry creek lane. They have so many fun holiday ones!

Some progress.

Eddie and I went to the Eric Church concert. We are obsessed with him and have seen him many times. He puts on the BEST show. I don’t even like concerts but I’ll go to his forever!

Also got Eddie the crazy cookies for our anniversary is today!

Someone found his toes! He can’t believe they are attached to his body.

My little weekly prep helper!

Annnnd I’m ending on this note. I hope you had a great weekend!