tuesday things

1. I have brought Eddie over to the dark side – he finally likes pumpkin. He won’t eat pumpkin pie, but he eats many other pumpkin things! Spoiler alert: I made a pumpkin pot pie yesterday and… omg.

2. This cookie dough ice cream cake is wild. Need it.

3.Hoooowww are places already starting black friday sales?! Like what?

4. Last year Eddie had invisalign and the amount of times I’ve (accidentally) thrown away his retainers is insane. Every night is basically spent looking through the trash.

5. 4 ways to make your house feel clean in 15 minutes.

6. TV things!! Per usual, I was totally underwhelmed by the Grey’s episode aside from SCOTT SPEEEDMAN!!! My Felicity loving heart explodes. I really liked Big Sky last year but had a hard time getting into this episode. Um and Billions? I cannot even handle the ending and I am NOT HAPPY!! What!

7. Also um I’m done with the horror movie previews, please and thank you. Still have to cover my eyes during the commercials.

8. How the pandemic has changed kitchen design. This is so interesting…and I find to be so true!

9. Max has a book fair coming up at school and it’s giving me serious 90s nostalgic vibes. The book fairs were my absolute FAVE! I would also go sit on the floor of the bookstore at the mall for hours and read while my mom shopped. That sounds insane right now?

10. I secretly loved that instagram and facebook were down yesterday. It was wonderful.