tuesday things

1. This is definitely my preferred color palette for fall. Who wants orange pumpkins when you can have PINK?!

2.  Oh hello apple cider slushies! I live for this.

3. Guys when do you want my gift guides? I try not to be influencer-y with my gift guides. I’ve done them for over a decade, long before affiliate links were a thing, and I love sharing them. They are often made up of things in my favorites posts and things I truly have and love, or plan to buy. For years I’ve posted them the second week of November, but with this supply chain stuff – do you want them earlier?

4. This past weekend I ended up getting most of my holiday gifts and it felt soooo good. My goal is always to be done with shopping and decorating and everything by December 10th or so, that way I can fully enjoy the fun season with the kids!

5. Love this! Your biggest dreams don’t include a house full of stuff.

6. TV things!! Highlight of my week is watching Impeachment. Bernie Feldstein is SO good. Have you watched it yet? The whole cast is really incredible. I also watched The Way Down documentary which is truly insane.

7. On another note, we have been watching the new My Little Pony on Netflix. Not only is it awesome but the soundtrack? INCREDIBLE. It gives me Hairspray vibes. I totally have listened to it alone without the kids.

8. A bunch of healthy things to do before 7am. Not sure I’ll ever be able to not look at my phone.