tuesday things

1. Eddie does the most amazing Halloween decorations outside of our house, and then wants to kill me because first thing on Nov 1st I’m all “please remove them now!!” because it’s the holiday season and I would rather not have giant spiders and skulls outside while I blast my christmas music. You know?

2. How incredible is this pumpkin gingerbread farm stand?!

3. We are all loving the silicone pop-it sensory toys in this house. Have you tried them? I could sit on the couch for hours and pop that thing if I had the time.

4. 17 1-minute habits to change your life. I love these clickbait habit posts. Ha!

5. TV things!! I finished YOU and omg. I loved it, but definitely thought there would be more of a cliffhanger ending?

6. Also can we talk about how one of Max’s favorite things to watch is America’s Funniest Home Videos? Apparently we’re still living in the 90s over here.

7. One of my favorite things this season have been my halloween earrings. And now there are christmas ones! I am convinced that this stuff is being made because the kids of the 90s, who had moms that wore seasonal puffy paint sweatshirts, are now turning into moms themselves and want to wear seasonal accessories.

8. Why didn’t I know that “going to look at fall leaves” was called leaf peeping? Is this a new thing?

9. Needed this: create a place for everything that matters!