My 2021 women’s gift guide is here! All my favorite things in one place that I love so much.


This gift guide is filled with TONS of my favorite things. The bags, shoes, pajamas and year-after-year items I use. You’ve seen and heard of a lot of them throughout 2021 as I’ve shared them in my favorites, but these are the best of the best of what I am loving!

2021 Gift Guide For Her

Canon Mini Photo Printer. Not only do I love this, the kids love it! I print out lots of pictures from my phone, which print on a sticker. You can add the pics to your planner, calendar, cards, etc. I stick pictures of Jordan in the kids’ backpack!

Mason Grey Robe. This robe is life changing. It’s light weight, but still warm and SO soft. I got one right before Jordan was born for the hospital. It’s wonderful.

Hotel Robe. If you prefer a fluffy hotel-like robe, I’m in love with this one. The tie dye on the edges is so cute without being obnoxious too. The kids have matching ones!

Cheese Board with Knives. The cheese knives are built in! So pretty.

MZ Wallace Sling. I can’t do the belt bag, I just can’t. But I CAN do the sling. This is the most incredible bag – crossbody, but cute and high up so it doesn’t swing and hit people. This is my favorite bag of 2021. 

Metallic Confetti Headband. This is my favorite accessory this season. I know headbands are trendy, but these (especially this one, my favorite neon sparkle) make you feel put together even if you aren’t.

Barefoot Dreams Throw. This wins for the best gift you can give anyone. I’ve gifted this probably ten times over the last decade. Everyone loves it. These are the softest blankets on earth.

Moonlight Pajamas. This is something else I share every single year. BEST PAJAMAS EVER! So stretchy and soft and comfortable. I live in these.

Ugg Mini Boot. I will always profess my love for Uggs despite how ugly they can look. They are SO good for cold weather here. I get a new black pair every few years and really want the short ones!

Cheeseboard Puzzle. We definitely need this in our life.

Sorel Wedge Boot. I put these in my gift guide every year. They are my favorite boots – incredible if you live in cold/snowy weather. They are so gorgeous on, add height, but have lots of traction on the bottom.

Laptop Clutch. Love how sleek this laptop cover is.

Marble Cake Stand. Losing it over how incredible these are. I wouldn’t even use they for cake that often – but I would use them for cheeseboard height. 

Travel Jewelry Case. Absolutely adore this little travel case for jewelry. So cute and great for travel.

Lululemon Align Pants. You cannot go wrong with these. They have been uniform for years. Nothing compares.

Reversible Vest. I can’t get enough of this reversible shearling vest. I want both colors.

2022 Calendar. This is my wall calendar every year! It’s so beautiful.

Butter Socks. My grandma got me socks every year and I love the tradition.

Fancy Scrabble. We LOVE games in this house. I can’t wait until the kids are a bit older for games. This scrabble is so gorgeous it could be a piece of decor.

Charging Station. Asking for this this year. I desperately need one and the reviews are great.

Scout Tote Bag. Everyone, seriously everyone, needs a scout bag. They fold flat and take up no space. They have a zipper and hold SO much. You can transport anything in them. They are waterproof! Absolutely perfect.

Weighted Blanket. My brother and SIL got me a weighted blanket four or so years ago for Christmas. We sleep with it every single night. I can’t get over the gorgeous prints that exist now! This is such a wonderful gift.

Brumate Toddy Mug. I use this every morning for coffee. Also love that I can add a straw down into it.

Pave Huggie Globe Earrings. I am loving these! I can’t wear any long earrings right now with Jordan – these add sparkle without length.

Roxanne Assoulin Bracelets. Most favorite bracelets ever! Lacy got me into these and they are so gorgeous. I love a stretchy bracelet. And you can mix and match so many. Perfect for a color lover.

Beauty Mini Fridge. This updated version of my beauty fridge is INCREDIBLE. It doesn’t have to be used for beauty items. Throw some snacks in there, even drinks, even medication that needs to be refrigerated and near your bed/bathroom. I love this.

On Cloudnova Sneakers. Current favorite sneakers. I LOVE how they look – so cute but sharp too. And they are ridiculously comfortable. Seriously you won’t believe it. Jeans or leggings – perfect!

Funnel Neck Poncho. This is such a classic basic. I just bought it and think I’ll have it forever! 

[This is not a sponsored post and any of the above items that I own were purchased by me or gifted by friends/family! There are a few general affiliate links above. Thank you for reading! xo]