This week my baby turned five months!

How on EARTH?! I literally feel like I had him five minutes ago.

I would still like to eat him up.

We decorated our kitchen tree this week!

This glitter kale ornament is my new fave.

Emilia had to make a cornucopia for school with all the things she is thankful for.

Can you tell I let her do it all herself? Haha.

Got a dunkin iced coffee this week!

Wore my little babe a ton. We went to sewickley creek greenhouse.

Best christmas explosion ever.

Best little shoppers.

Um this is how much Emilia loves dogs. She would not leave this dog statue. She said it was “a real dog and magic made it turn to stone.” I love her.

The colors right now!


And then he was five months!

Coziest little lovebug.

We do makeup together.

Taking it off is quite the task.

This baby has made our life the best. We all love him so much!

Max had his first hockey game of the season.

I can’t believe he has been on the ice since he was 2!


Jordan was fascinated watching the players on the ice.

Then this weekend my adorable perfect godson turned ONE!!! I cannot even believe baby Cooper is one!

He is so so funny and so sweet and loveable. I can’t handle him!

Almost seven months apart to the day! Little BFFS.

Not sure if anyone loves this baby as much as Max!