tuesday things

1. It feels like it’s getting darker earlier this year than ever before. I’m ready to hop in bed at 5. Whyyyy.

2. How cute are these mini bourbon fudge pies?!

3. Way back when I was pregnant with Max I thought about creating a mac and cheese crostini recipe… but everyone was like UM hard pass. Now panera is stuffing mac and cheese in a grilled cheese. What is life!

4. Everything is a practice. I love those 3 points and think this is so helpful.

5. TV things! Is there anything other to talk about aside from Yellowstone?! It was INCREDIBLE!! The first 20 minutes was so insanely intense. I love Rip’s storyline too. Oh I also watched the Dexter reboot and thought it was interesting. Can’t decide if I like it yet. Also The Morning Show was so good. The car scene with Jen Aniston and Mark Duplass was unreal.

6. I love making november the month of nostalgic.

7. What are you reading right now? I’m elbow deep in all the holiday books.

8. What the writer’s room was like on The Sopranos. Love.