tuesday things

1. Per usual, I broke one fave kitchen ornament while decorating! Then I remembered to stack blankets on the floor like a crazy person while I decorated the rest.

2. Blown away by this cocoa pie crust! OMG.

3. My house is currently a mix of leftover birthday, a piece of Halloween, fall/Thanksgiving decor and two Christmas trees. I wish I was joking. Oh I think there is still a jack-o-lantern outside too.

4. I went to buy something yesterday and it said it would arrive in MAY. May! Maybe we should just buy next year’s gifts now too.

5. TV things!! OMG, so much. First, the Impeachment finale. I loved watching this SO much. The finale was sort of… lackluster for me, but I guess, where else would they go? Yellowstone was amazing. Rip for life. Grey’s was fine but can we please talk about how Meredith was in a coma forever with covid and now is away from her kids even more? Is their point to make her be like her mother?! Oh and I really loved this episode of The Morning Show!

6. Don’t want to rush time but I’m secretly counting down the days until we can break out the bonne maman advent calendar.

7. How to set boundaries around the holidays. Love this. Even though I’m the person who wants to see everyone all the time.

8. Chili crisp is taking over my life. I didn’t like the TJs version but this classic one sold me. What all do you put it on?

9. I love Mel Robbins so I’m really into this daily habit.