How are there only 3 weeks left in the year!

We’re in full blown christmas mode over here.

Wearing our christmas pants too.

This is my new favorite tradition! I bought this advent spiral wreath last year after seeing a friend use it and I couldn’t wait to light it this year as a family. It’s been a highlight of everyday so far.

Babies and trees!

Winter sunsets are the best.

Each night we light it and sit for a few minutes and talk about the day.

I finally decorated the tree in our foyer.

Kids had dentists appointments!

Friday we had hot chocolate!

Saturday morning we had breakfast with St Nick.

In our velour PJs.

Emilia decorated her tree in her room. Note the bats from Halloween behind it.


Another highlight has been the Bonne Maman advent calendar! OMG I love it so much.

His smile kills me.

We had lunch at tako.

Best queso.

Emilia and I had the chilaquiles. SO good.

Then we walked around a bit and saw the tree!

I can’t believe these three are mine.


Had to stop for a milkshake.

Emilia wouldn’t stop hugging Max. It was hilarious.

And the best boy!

It was such a fun day.

Love him at this angle. So roly poly.

Emilia loves sitting in Jordan’s pod.

I mean… I cannot.

Tonight’s advent wreath with the elf in a marshmallow bath in the background. No big deal.

Can you believe how much Max loves this baby!!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy the week!! xo