My heart is so full after this week!!

We had a seriously FULL week.

It ended up being wonderful. At the start of the week I was so stressed out but things came together mid-week and it ended up being a good one! And this whole weekend has been so incredible. Max turned seven!

Last Monday started off with St Nicholas Day!

We always got gold coins in our shoes on Dec 6… so the tradition continues.

We also are still loving this advent spiral so, so much. Lots of you asked where it was from last week. I linked it back in the fall – I got it on etsy – but unfortunately it is now sold out. I really wanted it last year and it was sold out at Christmas, so I ended up ordering it in the spring. I couldn’t wait to bring it out this!

I made the kids a little christmas village and they love it. They play with it for hours everyday!

Emilia had to do the cutest advent christmas project for school.

Someone else loves the tree!

She loves blowing out the candles every night.


Best boy snuggle bugs.

We mailed letters to santa!

Went to dinner in this cute little igloo with some friends!

Um we started with carby snacks!

I love her.

The elf has been working his magic. Eddie posts the elf on his instagram every morning! The elf has done this every year for Max’s birthday.

Max started opening his gifts at like 6am on his birthday. We’ve officially reached the excited-for-clothes-and-shoes stage!

How amazing is his harry potter birthday cake?!

Max loved it.

And the inside had oreo frosting!!!

It poured buckets of rain on his birthday. Tried to grab a quick pic with his signs!

And then, let’s talk about how the emotional week continued! Baby Jordan turned SIX months today!

Please tell me how on EARTH this has happened. How is he half a year old already? I am anxious all the time because of how fast time is passing.

Max had some birthday fun today too!

And we end the week with our advent spiral.

My sweetest baby girl!