tuesday things

1. Finally I am in love with the pantone color of the year! It’s called very peri and it’s a periwinkle blue/purple. I love it.

2. The cookie time machine! How cool is this.

3. I really went all out with our delivery driver treats this year. This is one of our favorite things to do every holiday season. So far, the most-taken items have been lindt truffle bags, beef jerky bags (who know?!), burt’s bees chapstick (I got a bunch of the double packs) and starbucks double shot espresso cans!

4. TV things! I know that internet is abuzz with Just Like That commentary. I honestly LIKED it because the characters felt nostalgic (Charlotte was horrible though, right?) but the ending just killed me. I mean, I actually cried! I’m a bad critic though, so I expected to like it. Also did anyone watch The Hating Game? I loved the book and thought the movie was cute! And Yellowstone… OMG. Why and how is Kevin Costner still so hot?!

5. If you have watched Just Like That, can you even believe the (spoiler alert, don’t click if you haven’t watched!) peloton video follow up?! That was amazing. Ryan Reynolds!!

6. It’s so ridiculously dark here some days! Often it feels like it’s almost fully dark by 3pm. Do those light therapy bulbs work?

7. How to clean up your emotional house. Oh boy I needed this.

8. I’m on the lookout for new white classic everyday plates. Like everyday dishes. Unlike everything else in my life, I’d like these to be a bit more minimal. Any suggestions?!