1. Sooo excited for citrus season. Give me all the savory citrus recipes.

2. I still haven’t tried pasta chips! Want to try this week.

3. This past weekend a bottle of perfume exploded on me. Spilled on me! Went IN MY MOUTH. It was horrific.

4. Are Uggs actually back in style?! I’ve always lived in black ones here in winter to run errands/lounge around, but now I see people wearing them everywhere.

5. How would you describe yourself in five words?

6. TV things!! Okay Yellowstone! I loved the finale, even though I found it pretty predictable. I was happy though! We’ve watched since day 1 and it’s the one show we haven’t binged. Waiting an entire week between episodes is insane these days. On that same note, still trying to get into And Just Like That. Part of me likes watching it because it feels nostalgic but the show… ugh.

7. How to get through these gloomy months of the year. I’ve never loved the first few months of the year, but since having kids the time flies so fast I can’t even handle it. I usually get through these months by reading nonstop!

8. As usual I’m feeling a giant declutter/purge coming on! Wouldn’t be January if we didn’t, right?

9. 12 resolutions to improve life forever.