tuesday things

1. 2022 is starting off soooo slowly for me, like I am having such a hard time getting into the new year this time around. Anyone else?

2. I really want to make this any season dragon sauce. Sounds delicious.

3. Feels like the right time in the new year to ask what your current favorite podcasts are! I always get so many good recommendations in the comments.

4. 11 reminders from your mom if you’re having a bad day. Hoping one day I can give this advice. Ha! Doesn’t feel like it.

5. Really want to commit to doing one of those “one line a day journals.” I’ve tried for years and never stuck with it! I like to think my sunday blog post is… basically that.

6. TV things!! Um, all I can think about is the Dexter finale. First, I can’t even BELIEVE how good the season was ten years later. It was still SO good. And for it to end like it did, I was stunned. Did you watch it?

7. Also – we are obsessed with Encanto! We finally watched it. Can’t stop listening to the soundtrack and we all just sing it all day long. Emilia creates her own dances to the songs.

8. Reading hacks to read more. These are interesting. It’s one of the questions I get asked the most! For me, I just have always loved to read so much that it’s a huge part of my day. I love to escape! I’d pick it over almost anything else.