tuesday things

1. Are you guys playing Wordle?! I am obsessed. I’ve managed to almost all since I started playing but there are many that I barely got on the last try, attempting to unscramble the words on paper, haha! I love it.

2. Um this smoked spicy pomegranate margarita? I need one.

3. Yesterday we had a legit snow day and it was so fun. What’s your go-to snow day meal? There were SO many things I wanted to make that it was hard to choose. I ended up going with my vodka pasta and parmesan chicken.

4. Our friendships evolve because we do. This is amazing.

5. Last week I went an entire day without realizing I was wearing my shirt inside out. WHYYYY.

6. TV things!! Totally forgot to mention Euphoria last week. It’s still wild to me but I actually got into this season quickly since we know the characters. It’s just so dark! We’re also watching 1883 and I like it a lot more than I thought I would. It’s just very depressing and I’m not in a mental state for that. Ha! Still can’t get over last week’s Dexter finale.

7. Please tell me that the Encanto soundtrack is also running your life. We don’t talk about Bruno.

8. How to make the most of your 24 hours.

9. I am able to tell the year just by looking at certain food photos of mine. The style dictates the year. Isn’t that funny?