tuesday things

1. Deep dish pizza bread. Oh my goodness. I need it.

2. Very tempted over here to get the breville one touch espresso machine. Do you have one?! Tell me about it! Like talk me out of it please.

3. Making a reality based habit change. I LOVE this. So much.

4. About to go on a huuuuge spring cleaning bender over here. Actually think I’m ready to Marie Kondo a few things from 2019 that have stuck around through the last crazy few years.

5. I’ve already started making the list for my summer reading list (it comes out in May!) – and it has me SO excited for summer releases. Right now I’m reading Reckless Girls. It’s pretty good.

6. TV things!! I finished all of Inventing Anna (I loved it!) and am all caught up on Pam and Tommy. We’re also caught up in 1883 and oh.my.gosh. I wish that series could continue forever. Was not my favorite episode of Euphoria but I am also old, so.

7. Reporting back here that I tried the coconut syrup in the diet coke and it’s insanely delicious. Now I’m mad that I even tried it.

8. All I really want to know if is you’d eat cheese and cookies together.

9. ‘Tis the season for chocolate peanut butter eggs!!