tuesday things

1. Treat your mind like your home. Love this.

2. I’m forever an almost-burnt toast type of person.

3. Majorly craving this shoreline salad. Looks so so good.

4. Totally considering getting one of those little countertop gardens because I just can’t wait for fresh herbs. Do you have one?!

5. TV things!! Hmmm I am not really watching much right now. Having such a hard time with Grey’s but loving all the Scott Speedman. Felicity for life! Maybe I’ll rewatch that now. I am loving The Dropout but hate to wait each week! I watched Bad Vegan too.

6. Still can’t get over Jessica Chastain’s oscars dress. In.Credible.

7. Have you heard about how Tom Hanks is filming a movie here in Pittsburgh and keeps popping up surprising people?! So fun.

8. I am obsessed with the idea of a gentle reminder calendar.