Wish everyday was as colorful as Jordan is in this photo.

I cannot!

We had a good regular old week again! I think half of my photos are blurry.

The week started off like this! I shattered my stand mixer bowl. Ugh!

This week I made tracy’s baked spaghetti. I have been making this since she first posted it! I usually use ground turkey. Everyone loves it.

My little Max! Eddie thought he looked like a cast member for the Sopranos in this outfit.

This was the best breakfast/lunch this week. Tear off some baguette, cream cheese, smoked salmon, everything seasoning.

So much blue!

Her ponytail and outfit. She is perfect!

And he is edible.

I also made fish tacos this week with a mango slaw. Was delish.

Scheming with her brother and using my kitchen twine to set some sort of trap for Eddie.

Emilia plays with this dog sandbox for such a long time. I can’t even express. Like it will keep her entertained for 2 hours.

Dino neutrals.

Crumbl again. Ugh I wish I didn’t know about this. Ha!

Climbing on all the things.

The cutest paw patrol princess.

I don’t like messy kid photos but Jordan + the baked spaghetti!

When the kids don’t want uncle Will to leave.

BFF for life.

He’s laughing hysterically at Max. He is obsessed with him.

Hello new week! xo