Easter week is here!!

And I have the best little loves of my life.

Here’s what the week looked like!

Kicked things off by making pickled onions for the week. Always.

Decorated some eggs with the eggmazing. Get it for next year!

Made some greek chicken for the week.

Jordan turned 10 months. HOW?!

Is it possible to be grateful + thrilled + devastated all at the same time?!

Chalk easter eggs on the driveway.

Serious business.

This is a framer.

My brother and SIL got this for Max six+ years ago. The kids love it.

Max just hanging out at Emilia’s tball practice. Ha! She has spent her whole life at his events. Now… it’s his turn. Finally!

Introducing Jordan to a dino coloring poster.

Visiting dada at work.

Um hello this is the best outfit ever. I want it.

Max got a haircut!

The kids are so proud of our eggs.

I love these signs of spring.

Then it was time for eddie’s annual easter egg hunt!

Jordan’s first time!

Eddie fills all sizes of eggs.

Baby cooper got to join in on the fun too!!

He and Emilia also had a blast.

Her boot style though. Mixing last year + this year prints.

Umm hello this baby is delicious! We went to Cleveland for my niece’s third birthday.

And more babies!! Jordan and Lainey are like eight weeks apart.

Also… Jordan in a white onesie and jeans. I die.

Then it was easter!

I can’t handle Max’s excitement.

Or this baby belly. Isn’t it the best thing you’ve ever seen?!

Jordan’s like… what are these things you put on my feet?

And we had the best family day.

They are my favorite things on earth!!