tuesday things

1. WHOA. This chocolate rainbow cake is incredible. Look at that!

2. Last year the kids started asking me if I could do a cartwheel. I was pregnant at the time so I told them once I had the baby, I’d show them my cartwheel. Well we all forgot about it until a week or so ago. I thought oh yeah, no big deal, I’ll do my cartwheel. SO. I did the cartwheel. It looked legit. My body, however… felt like it was ripped in half. HAHAHAHA.

3. Also, you know you’re old when you throw a tantrum about one of your most used products being reformulated. I’m looking at you water wipes.

4. I love this nighttime routine to shut down your brain.

5. An update on the countertop garden from last week – I got one! Um, it’s so bright that I think my neighbors probably think I’m trying to build a spaceship or something in my kitchen. It is SO bright.

6. Tracy’s intentions for the week always inspire me so much. It’s a peek into someone’s to-do list.

7. TV things!! Just started Bridgerton season 2. What do you think?

8. I really enjoy going through the kitchn’s kitchen essentials each year.

9. Can’t believe in two months it will be summertime! In my planning ahead… do you want summer fridays again? It would be the 5th straight year for it!