tuesday things

1. Dying over these peanut butter marshmallow cookies. Whoa.

2. Last night Max declared that he heard a “new song” and asked alexa to play “We didn’t start the fire.” Hahaha.

3. My kids also recently got the game Simon. Totally took me back! What was your favorite game as a kid? I really did love monopoly.

4. Totally going to use this decluttering list for some spring cleaning.

5. TV things! Um, I watched The Ultimatum – I mean I got sucked in like crazy. It’s even more nuts and addictive than Love Is Blind. Have you watched? It’s WILD.

6. I love the idea of family cleanup every evening.

7. Also wish I had an unrealistic amount of counter space for all the appliances I want out. You know, like multiple different coffee makes like a crazy person. Maybe a toaster oven, air fryer, slow cooker, everything! Still not the instant pot though. No way.

8. Currently reading One Night On The Island. What are you reading?!