tuesday things

1. I definitely still have an Easter weekend hangover! Not a real hangover, just like a holiday hangover? Yesterday was slooooowww.

2. This veggie crunch sandwich looks absolutely incredible.

3. Very very much into the flare jean/platform shoe trend. Except some of these platforms are like 8 inches high which means me feel insanely old.

4. The 100 greatest snacks of all time. I do not agree with #1! I am not a fan. I’d maybe put #16, #18, #2 or even #8 before that. Honestly my top pick is probably #50! They are also the best nursing snack ever.

5. What’s one thing you believed as a kid that is hilarious now? I used to think that the handles in a car above the passenger seat were only for pregnant women in labor – who were about to give birth being driven to the hospital. Ha.

6. Simple ways to remind people that you love them.

7. TV things!! What is happening on Grey’s! I just need more Scott Speedman. I also watched The First Lady on showtime, kind of by accident. Have you watched? And finished The Ultimatum. Oh my gosh. Wow.

8. I love these daily rituals.