what i read in march 2022

Can’t believe we are through the first quarter of the year! I have SO many books I want to read but seem to be stuck at about four per month for the moment. My TBR list is huge right now. I am so very excited because next month my summer reading list drops and I cannot WAIT! It’s my favorite season for reading and the books are getting deliciously wonderful.

Also – ugh guys I dropped the ball on our book club the last two months! I promise to return next month. I am juggling so many balls and that one fell!

I’d love to hear below what you read this month!

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What I Read In March 2022

The Club – 2.5 stars

This was a costco purchase for me, ha! Every now and then I feel like a thriller and this one was a bit crazy. The story is about an exclusive club that opens an island resort and things go very wrong. It picked up a bit towards the end but otherwise it was fairly slow and just wacky. Not very believable, and not in a super fun way.

The Unsinkable Greta James – 4 stars

I enjoyed this one so much. Made me want to go on an Alaskan cruise! The story follows a musician who has a meltdown that goes viral – and finds herself on a cruise with her father after her mother dies. This story was everything I wanted – lighthearted and emotional and so good. I didn’t love Conrad as a character, but still really loved this story overall.

Olga Dies Dreaming – 4 stars

I ended up liking this one a lot too. It was a big slow for me to get into. If I would have had longer chunks to read, I think I would have got into the story quicker! It follows a wedding planner diving into her family’s secrets, which sounds a bit light but this novel has an incredible amount of depth. It gets into the history of Puerto Rico and Hurricane Maria which I didn’t know – and while hard to read, I did enjoy.

The Wedding Veil – 4.5 stars

I was SO excited when I realized Kristy Woodson Harvey’s latest book was out at the end of March! She’s become one of my favorite summer reads but I secretly love that her books release in the spring. I admittedly am not the biggest historical fiction fan but I flew through this so fast and really enjoyed it. The story follows four generations of women with a family heirloom of a wedding veil. I LOVED these characters. They were so fun and this was so fun to read. I think it’s my favorite book of hers yet!

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