Somebody turned 11 months this week!

And I can’t believe how fast time is flying.

Best style of life.

Max is super into baseball cards.

It’s so cute.

This made me laugh so much. He puts the ball in… and wants it back out that way too.

Our school did a Moe’s taco kit fundraiser. I forgot about it until that night which was nice for a surprise easy (warm) dinner.

These are the things Emilia sets up all over the house.

Everyone wants a hug.

And then he turned 11 months old. I seriously cannot believe it. Honestly, it brings a ton of anxiety – I can’t believe how fast time is moving. I wish it could slow down.

Giggle BFFs.

She climbed up right next to me and snuggled asleep. This never happens!!


Double joy!

This is my little odor eliminating pot if I burn something or we cook something and can’t get rid of the smell. I learned this from tracy shutterbean! Boil lemons and cinnamon in water. I refill a few times and just keep boiling. I swear it works.

Look at him up on those chunky little toes!

Visiting the buffalo in south park! She said they stink. Ha.

Baseball boy.

Kids requested make-your-own-pizza!

What a way to end it.