This week.

I can’t get over the devastation of the week and spent every waking moment with my kids. I am so grateful for them every millisecond of every day but even this week it feel like I couldn’t be thankful enough. They are my life. This is what our week looked like.

Summertime Jordan. Almost one!

We had Max’s parent teacher conference that was student led. The cutest.

Fun in the sun.

My neon girl.

She loves having the windows and the sunroof open in the car in her dropoff line at school.

This is how wacky our weather was. Fleece in the morning.

We had outdoor fun day at school where within 10 minutes Emilia took a tumble and got multiple scraped hands and knees. But she rallied.

Then it was her last day of school!

The last day of her first year. It went by so fast.

Homemade popsicles to celebrate!

She was a fan.

Max got a haircut.

Snuggling them all in bed in my favorite thing. I never want it to end.

She picked this outfit herself. So coordinated.

Watching a movie on the iPad. Jordan was into it.

And he loved watching Eddie powerwash the patio!

My brother and SIL got a new puppy!

This is literally the highlight of Emilia’s life. SHE LOVES DOGS!

Max thought he was pretty sweet too.

She has talked about him nonstop.

Made my chocolate chip cookie bars with m&ms.

Twinning babies!!!

And the most perfect topknot I’ve ever seen.

Water balloons for the win! We had a fun party with our cousins.

My chive blossoms are on their way out, but still cute.

I could eat pesto everyday in the summer.

House salad, always.

Cousin love.


Memorial day morning.

Yes please.

Parade morning, with the most tired Jordy ever.

Love this with our cousins!

Trying to get a matching swim pic was next to impossible.

First time in the pool!

Emilia loves her baby Cooper!

This wasn’t happening. Ha.

And then we zonked out before our shower and PJs!