tuesday things

1. This chocolate olive oil loaf cake looks outstanding.

2. A few weeks ago I mentioned that we had a Crumbl cookie open near us. I was uninterested at first but now am convinced the business plan is genius – they only offer the cookie flavors for a week before changing. Can you even imagine being one of the recipe developers?!

3. How to start and progress on a project. Well this is just wonderful.

4. I’ve rambled (read: complained) for years about my photo library on my phone. I have over 200k (yes… you read that right) in my photo library. My iCloud is full and I can’t buy more. I started using the get sorted app and I LOVE IT. At first I didn’t think it would make a dent (great all or nothing mindset!), but it definitely makes a dent and I find myself deleting a few thousand photos a day. Highly recommend.

5. Obsessed with Charlotte’s coffee reels. They make me want iced coffee every day.

6. TV things!! Just started the last of Ozark. Oh my gosh – last week’s episode of This Is Us – GAH! Finally worth watching for. I’ve been waiting for that forever and I actually think it was my favorite episode they’ve ever done. Did you watch?

7. I can’t get over Blake Lively’s look for the Met Gala!

8. This week marks the one year anniversary for Everyday Dinners! We started a new cooking challenge in the cookbook club and I’d love for you to join us!