tuesday things

1. Peony season is the best season.

2. Tie dye sprinkle pie!! Oh my gosh.

3. We ordered Ina Garten’s chocolate cake from goldbelly last week! It was just kind of… meh. The recipe is amazing but I think I’d rather just bake it myself here. This is the second time I’ve ordered something from goldbelly and been underwhelmed. Have you tried anything?

4. Can I really put life on easy mode?!

5. We’re deep in the midst of making our summer bucket list. This stage is so fun.

6. TV things!! So much good TV – last week’s episode of This Is Us was crushing! We watched Ozark… I started The Flight Attendant too! I never ended up watching the first season of that.

7. What are you looking for most this summer? Easy dinner ideas? Grilling? Lunch? Cocktails? Tell me below!

8. I love this method of creating simple family routines.